Web resources

A list of useful web-based resources. If you have any suggestions for others to add, I’d be pleased to hear from you.

Resources are arranged in my standardised structure, then listed alphabetically.


Bioimages, the most extensive collection of photographs of British wildlife

Biopix, another very comprehensive collection of wildlife photographs, but with a more international theme

Richard Comont’s list of web-based identification keys (If an identification key exists on the web somewhere, there’s a very good chance it’s indexed here)

The National Biodiversity Network Gateway, a database of millions of wildlife records from throughout Britain

Local resources

A map of some of Bristol’s important wildlife sites, produced by the City Council



Bird hybrids, a global directory of recorded bird hybrids

Fatbirder, a comprehensive directory of bird-related information

Xeno Canto, the web’s largest collection of bird sounds


British leafminers, photographs of and information about leaf-mining insects in Britain

Bees, wasps and ants

BWARS identification guides covering various groups of species

Insects and flight, the website of Somerset entomologist Robin Williams, which contains many photographs and much identification information

Sifolinia’s ant blog, a useful blog about ants

Steven Falk’s Bumblebee photographs


John Walters’ Guides to British beetles, a set of well-illustrated guides in PDF format, covering the identification of several beetle groups

The Coleopterist, covering a number of useful resources on beetles, including a photo gallery of British species

Butterflies and moths

Moth Recorders Handbook, produced by the National Moth Recording Scheme

UK Butterflies, photographs and information about all British butterfly species

UK Lepidoptera, a collection of photos of British moths

UK Moths, another collection of photos of British moths


British Bugs, an online identification guide to British bugs (Hemiptera)


UK Dragonflies, information about British dragonflies


The website of the UK hoverfly recording scheme, containing identification and status notes, distribution maps and other information on British hoverflies

The website of the UK Tachinid recording scheme, containing identification notes, photographs and other information on British tachinid flies


British Wild Flowers, a huge collection of photos of British flowering plants

Floral Images, another huge collection of photos of British flowering plants

The Illustrated Botanist’s Record Book, a list of 1000 of the most common British vascular plants, with photographs

The interactive flora of northwest Europe

The online atlas of the British and Irish flora

The Wild Flower Society’s List of British plants, a comprehensive list of around 7000 vascular plant species found in the wild in Britain and Ireland

UK Wildflowers, another huge collection of photos of British flowering plants

Grasses, sedges, rushes and ferns

The Fern Identifier, a website for identifying ferns in Britain in Ireland

Ferns in Britain and Ireland, a site with photographs of most British species of ferns, horsetail and allies

BRYOPHYTES (mosses and liverworts)

The BBS Field Guide, an online field guide to mosses and liverworts of Britain and Ireland



British Lichens, a photo gallery of British lichen species