Magazines and journals

This is a list of magazines and journals which carry information about wildlife likely to occur in Bristol and the surrounding area. Many local and national organisations have their own in-house magazines, and where these contain interesting information about local wildlife, I’ve listed them as well  Only a few of these publications are specific to this area: it should be obvious which these are from their names. If you know of a publication which is missing from this list, I’d be pleased to hear from you.

Publications are arranged in my standardised structure, then listed alphabetically.



Birdwatch magazine

British Birds magazine


Atropos (butterflies, moths and dragonflies)

Beetle News

Dipterists’ DIgest (flies)

Journal of the British Dragonfly Society

The Coleopterist (beetles)

The Entomologists’ Record and Journal of Variation



New Journal of Botany

Watsonia (now discontinued and replaced by the New Journal of Botany)

Wiltshire Botany

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