Local atlases and biotas

This page lists books which describe the status of groups of plant and animal species in the Bristol area (I’m not aware of any books solely covering fungi). Clicking on the title takes you to the book’s page at the LibraryThing website. These books show local statuses in one of two ways: in map form (atlases) or in written form (biotas), although some books do both. I’ve excluded draft or provisional atlases, as the only ones that I’m aware of have been (or are shortly about to be) superseded by more definitive works. I’d be pleased to hear from you about any omissions.

A list of location guide books is on this page.

Books are arranged in my standardised structure, then listed chronologically


Rowland Janes (1987) The natural history of the Chew Valley



John Buxton (1981) The Birds of Wiltshire

Christopher Swaine (1982) The Birds of Gloucestershire

Stephanie Tyler and co-authors (1987) Gwent atlas of breeding birds

Somerset Ornithological Society (1988) The Birds of Somerset

Stephen Palmer (1991) Wiltshire Birds

Richard Bland and John Tully (1991) Atlas of Breeding Birds in Avon 1988-1991

David Ballance and Brian Gibbs (2003) The Birds of Exmoor and the Quantocks

David Ballance (2006) A History of the Birds of Somerset

Wiltshire Ornithological Society (2007) The Birds of Wiltshire

Al Venables and co-authors (2008) The Birds of Gwent

Iain Main and co-authors (2009) Birds of the Cotswolds: A new breeding atlas

Gordon Kirk and John Phillips (2013) The Birds of Gloucestershire

Richard Bland and Mark Dadds (2013) Avon Atlas 2007-11



Andrew Duff (1993) Beetles of Somerset

Michael Darby (2009) Wiltshire Beetles: History, Status, Distribution and Use in SiteAssessment

David Atty (1983) Coleoptera of Gloucestershire

Butterflies and moths

Jack Newton and Guy Meredith (1984) Macrolepidoptera in Gloucestershire

Neil Horton (1994) Monmouthshire Lepidoptera

Michael Fuller (1995) The Butterflies of Wiltshire

Roger Gaunt (2000) Gloucestershire Moths: an account

Stephen Palmer (2001) The microlepidoptera of Wiltshire

Ray Barnett and co-authors (2003) Butterflies of the Bristol Region

Roger Gaunt (2006) Gloucestershire Moths: a second account

Ray Barnett and co-authors (2008) Moths of the Bristol Region

Somerset Moth Group () Somerset Moth Group: macro moth distribution atlas 2011 (Vice-counties 5 & 6)


Simon Randolph (1992) Dragonflies of the Bristol Region

Sonia Holland (1991) Distribution of Dragonflies of Gloucestershire


Ted & David Levy (1998) Somerset hoverflies

Grasshoppers, crickets and allies

Robert Cropper (2011) The Orthoptera and allied insects of Somerset


Robert Roe (1981) The Flora of Somerset

Beatrice Gillam (1993) A Wiltshire Flora

Paul Green, Ian Green and Geraldine Crouch (1997) The Atlas Flora of Somerset

Sarah Myles and co-authors (2000) The Flora of the Bristol Region

Richard Cooper (2000) Stephen Bishop’s New Flora of Gloucestershire (Part 1)

Trevor Evans (2007) Flora of Monmouthshire

Sharon Pilkington (2007) Wiltshire Rare Plant register

Clare Kitchen, Mark Kitchen and Ian Carle (2008) Stephen Bishop’s New Flora of Gloucestershire (Part 2)

BRYOPHTES (mosses and liverworts)

Irene Perry (2001) Bryophyte Atlas of Exmoor National Park

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