About Bristol Wildlife

Bristol is a city in southwest England: with a population of half a million, it’s the largest city in the region, but it is also said to be Britain’s greenest city, with more open spaces than any other city, and a wide range of highly important wildlife sites on its doorstep.

A huge amount of information exists about wildlife in and around the city, but much of it is difficult to find, hidden away in obscure articles and books, or buried in databases or in people’s heads. Bristol Wildlife’s aim is to collect together as much of this information as possible and make it available via the web to anyone who is interested in it. The subject matter I plan to cover will be split evenly between the wildlife of the city, which I’ll cover in depth, and the wildlife of the wider region, where I’ll be more selective and focus on the very best areas.

Bristol at this website means the whole of the urban area, including areas like Kingswood and Bradley Stoke which are often excluded. The wider region stretches out to include Somerset, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire and the southeast corner of Wales, adding such well-known and wildlife-rich areas as the Somerset Levels, the Mendips, Salisbury Plain, the Cotswolds, the Severn Estuary, the Forest of Dean and the Wye Valley.



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